28 plays and 36 performances set off a pewter drama carnival
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On April 13, the 2019 Wuxi Grand Theater City Drama Season kicked off with the radio drama Agatha Christie's Murder On Air. From early April to November, from spring to autumn, Wuxi citizens will welcome a drama carnival spanning seven months.


In the past seven years, Wuxi Grand Theatre has introduced nearly 1,500 classic performances from all around the world, and about 1.5 million people have entered the theater to watch performances. They have successively launched a number of mature art brands and produced a wide range of social influences through the planning of distinctive themes, high-quality performances and rich and diverse supporting activities, deepening the understanding of more and more Wuxi residents on arts.


Han Ming, General Manager of Wuxi Grand Theatre, introduced that the 2019 City Drama Season will be upgraded. The performances will be expanded from 14 to 28, and the number of performances will increase to 36. It is by far the greatest theatrical event in Wuxi with the largest number of plays and the largest volume of performances and also the most influential drama season in East China. It is reported that nearly 4,000 low-price tickets will be issued during the drama season, and a guide to the cultural performances will be printed and distributed free of charge.


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