Delong Technology becomes the only domestic enterprise able for mass production of flexible thin gallium arsenide solar cell
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Recently, workers were making flexible thin gallium arsenide solar cells at a workshop of Jiangsu Yixing Derong Technology Co., Ltd. in Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone. "There are only two companies in the world that can mass-produce this product, one in the US and one in Derong." Standing in the enterprise exhibition hall, the relevant person in charge of the enterprise took a piece of battery to introduce to the reporter.


Unlike traditional thick silicon wafers, thin gallium arsenide solar cell is like a "piece of paper", with a thickness of only 40 microns, a weight less than 0.3 grams and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of over 34.5%. "Flexibility, high-efficiency and portability" represent the "high-grade, high-precision and advanced technology" of this product, which can provide solar power for ultra-long-endurance high-altitude aircraft, realize flight time of several months or years, and thus carry out high-resolution remote sensing, large-capacity communication and other work.


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