226 medical staff were hired as teachers of Jiangnan University
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Yesterday, Jiangnan University held the faculty appointment conference of the Affiliated Hospital directly under Wuxi Medical College. 226 medical staff from the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University were hired as teachers of Wuxi Medical College of Jiangnan University, including 82 professors, 65 associate professors and 79 lecturers, with a term of five years. At the same time, they will also serve as clinical instructors for the "Double Mentor" system of the medical school. This group of clinical doctors will join the faculty and will provide powerful energy for the teaching and research of Wuxi Medical College of Jiangnan University.


It is reported that in the future, Wuxi Medical College of Jiangnan University will implement the "Double Mentor +" education mechanism, and join hands with well-known pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca to provide students with a corporate mentor to increase their ability to face society and the market. .


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