Another group of public welfare "golden ideas" will land in Wuxi
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How to let Wuxi citizens enjoy better public welfare services? On April 11th, it was learned from Wuxi Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau that the Second "China Good Welfare - Wuxi" brand promotion activity is now in preparation, and 53 outstanding public service projects selected from the whole country have passed through Wuxi local social organizations, experts and citizens. After voting, six projects will land in Wuxi. After docking with the social organizations in the city, it is expected to serve the public in the near future. "These projects have all been implemented in other cities in China and have achieved obvious social benefits. They are more in line with the actual needs of Wuxi citizens." The relevant person in charge of Wuxi Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau said that the introduction of excellent public welfare projects would help to improve public service in our city.


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