Wuxi will build 12 provincial livable residential demonstration projects
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In the No. 2 Qinyuan Community which recently completed the pilot project for the construction of livable residential areas, the residents found that there was two high-rise equipment boxes on a green space next to Building No. 331. "What are these for?" "It is a highlight of the city's livable residential area - Rainwater Garden." Liangxi District Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau explained that a rainwater storage module was installed under the equipment box for storing rainwater.


It is understood that last year, the province included the construction of provincial livable demonstration residential areas as "The Top Ten People's Livelihood". A total of 7 communities in the city became the first pilots in the province, and No. 2 Qinyuan Community was one of them. According to the relevant personages of the Wuxi Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, in addition to promoting the comprehensive rectification and functional improvement of the residential area, the pilot communities also carried out their own explorations in the areas of aging renovation, promotion of rainwater gardens and ecological parking lots, and promotion of waste separation. Other communities even provided demonstration experience in the construction of livable residential areas.


"This year, the city will construct 12 provincial livable residential area demonstration projects." The Property Management Office of the Wuxi Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau introduced that at the same time, it will launch a wider coverage of livable residential areas at the municipal level. The first batch will cover an area of 880,000 square meters in the district, not only the old residential buildings built before 2000, but also the existing residential areas built after 2000. These communities will be upgraded according to the municipal standards for livable construction. a


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