Wuxi initiated the establishment of Cell Therapy Industry Alliance
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On April 13, as one of the sub-forums of the 2019 Taihu (Mashan) Life and Health Forum, the Cell Therapy Industry Summit Forum & Wuxi Cell Therapy Industry Alliance Initiative was held in Wuxi. At the meeting, Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau and Boya Holding Group initiated the establishment of the Wuxi Cell Therapy Industry Alliance to promote the city to build a cell therapy industry cluster and seize the commanding heights of the development of life science and technology.


The initiative proposes that guided by the national industrial policy, aiming at promoting the innovation and development of the cell therapy industry in our city, and through government guidance and social operation, the alliance will build an open, shared, mutually beneficial and energetic platform for cell therapy industry transformation, promote the innovation mechanism of government, industry, scientific research, capital, testing, hospital and user clinical application linkage, boost effective docking and efficient integration of market resources, and develop the cell therapy industry into a new driving force for Wuxi's economic and social development.


Boya Holding Group is a leading company in the field of biotechnology in Wuxi. As an industrialized group with a full industrial chain in the field of cell therapy, it uses technological innovation to help cell therapy embark on a path of rapid development. It is reported that at the Taihu (Mashan) Life and Health Forum, Boya Holding Group signed a contract with Wuxi People's Hospital for a stem cell regenerative medicine project. According to Li Yishu, President of Boya Group, the two sides will jointly build a clinical-grade cell center to conduct basic and clinical cooperation research in the fields of hematology, rheumatology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, lung transplantation, etc., and promote the integrated utilization of stem cell resources and provide support for solving major medical problems, helping humans to achieve tissue repair and curing terminal diseases.


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