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The highest temperature dropped to 15 ℃
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Residents braved the rain yesterday to pass in front of a flooded area on South Jianghai Road. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


Citizens in Wuxi all felt the hot of summer recently. On April 7 and April 8, the highest temperature in our city was 30°C and 29.7°C respectively. Yesterday, it was still sultry, but the thunderstorm came to cool the temperature down. At 10:28 yesterday, Wuxi Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms. At noon, the showers fell and the temperature dropped. Affected by cold air, the temperature has dropped significantly from now on. The maximum temperature drop is above 10 °C. The highest temperature is 15-16 °C for today and tomorrow, and the lowest temperature is 9-11 °C.


Meteorologists reminded that due to the high temperature in the previous period, the cooling brought by cold air is more obvious. Everyone should pay attention to the temperature changes, especially those with weak constitutions such as the elderly and children.


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