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A new way to optimize management of shared bikes
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A few days ago, the "Shared Bicycle Civilization Riding Demonstration Activity" was held in Rongxiang Sub-district. The reporter was informed that the relevant departments have set up a number of non-motorized parking spots in Wuxi and the three shared bicycle operating enterprises have implemented corresponding standardized management measures such as electronic fences and credit scores.


"This year, the city will fully implement the grid, refinement, standardization and dynamic management of share bikes." As the relevant person in charge of Wuxi Municipal Urban Management Bureau introduced, the management includes: requiring the shared bicycle enterprises to divide the operation area into several management grids and each grid is equipped with special management personnel and patrol personnel to effectively manage the parking order of shared bikes; all districts are required to design non-motor vehicle parking spaces in key areas to guide the general public to regulate parking and guide operation and maintenance personnel to put the vehicles according to the parking spaces. In this regard, all districts are actively designing parking spaces, of which 290 will be set up in Binhu District.


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