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Wuxi Children's Hospital opens evening clinic
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This summer, in order to alleviate the pressure of night treatment, from today, Wuxi Children's Hospital opened the evening specialist outpatient service. This means that the outpatient and emergency departments are open at the same time in the evening, so that there is no need to rush the emergency department to take the children to see the doctor in the evening.


Reportedly, the departments opening evening clinic include the general outpatient clinic and specialist clinic of pediatrics; the general outpatient clinic and specialist clinic of dermatology. The standard of registration fee varies with the time and area of outpatient and emergency treatment. "Opening evening outpatient service is to relieve the pressure of evening treatment, not to advocate evening treatment." Relevant people said, under normal circumstances, it is still recommended to visit the doctor during the day, "after all, during the day, the medical resources are more complete."


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