A new move towards Wuxi-Yixing integration
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By Tai Lake, a new move was made for the Wuxi-Yixing integration. On June 30, the cornerstone laying ceremony for the Tai Lake Water Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project, Great Nianhuawan Project was held in Yixing. Li Xiaomin, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Chen Jie, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Water Resources Department, Huang Qin, Mayor of Wuxi, Lin Zexin, Chief Engineer and Inspector of Tai Lake Basin Administration Bureau of Ministry of Water Resources, Liu Xia and Jiang Min, Deputy Mayors of Wuxi, and Zhang Mingkang, Secretary General of Wuxi Municipal People's Government, attended the ceremony and swung spades to lay the foundation for the project. Zhu Aixun, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, presided over the ceremony.


In recent years, the city has actively promoted the Wuxi-Yixing integration. While accelerating the interconnection of transportation infrastructure, it is planning and constructing a Wuxi-Yixing cooperative development zone with excellent innovation capabilities, high-end industrial level, high-quality resources, deep industry-city integration and strong radiation and driving capabilities. The new project, located in Zhoutie Town, Yixing, on the west bank of Tai Lake, covers an area of ​​4,000 mu and aims to build a "new engine" for the ecological protection Tai Lake, an upgraded version of Wuxi cultural tourism, and a "bridgehead" of Wuxi-Yixing integration.


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