Press Conference on Cultural Industry Policy

Time: 14:15, July 25, 2019

Venue: Press Center, 3F, Building 2, Wuxi Civic Center

Spokesman: Yan Jianyuan, Deputy Secretary General of Wuxi Municipal People


Li Mingxin, member of the Publicity Department of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Chen Anxin, Deputy Director of Wuxi Municipal Finance Bureau, Liu Yonghong, Deputy Director of Wuxi Culture, Radio, Film, Television and Tourism Bureau


Press Release on Cultural Industry Policy of Wuxi


On the afternoon of July 25, Yan Jianyuan, Deputy Secretary General of Wuxi Municipal People's Government, presided over a press conference on Wuxi's cultural industry policy. Li Mingxin, member of the Publicity Department of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, introduced the release of the Three-Year Action Plan for High-Quality Development of Cultural Industry in Wuxi (2019-2021) (hereafter referred to as the Plan) and Several Policies for High-Quality Development of Cultural Industry in Wuxi (hereafter referred to as the Policies). Liu Yonghong, Deputy Director of Wuxi Culture, Radio, Film, Television and Tourism Bureau, introduced the specific content of the policy in detail. This is a new measure adopted by Wuxi to guide, support and cultivate local cultural enterprises and parks to improve quality and quantity, transform and upgrade, comprehensively promote the high-quality development of Wuxi's cultural industry, on the basis of in-depth investigation, careful research and extensive solicitation of opinions from all parties. Chen Anxin, Deputy Director of Wuxi Municipal Finance Bureau, also attended and answered questions from the press. More than 20 news media including China News Service (net), China Daily (net), Xinhua Daily, Wuxi Daily and Wuxi TV Station attended the press conference.


The Plan consists of three aspects: general requirements, key actions and organizational guarantee.


In the general requirements, six major key areas, namely, film and television media, creative design, cultural tourism, cultural entertainment, digital culture and cultural manufacturing, are clearly defined; specific growth requirements are put forward for the scale and number of cultural enterprises, projects and agglomeration areas in the city within three years, as well as the for the proportion of added value of cultural industry in GDP.


In the key actions, "Eight Major Actions", including industrial agglomeration and improvement action, industrial subject cultivation action, cultural trade promotion action, industrial brand building action, industrial talent support action and others, are put forward to further accelerate the scale, characteristic, intensive and integrated development of Wuxi's cultural industry and build a modern cultural market system in an all-round way.


In organizational guarantee, in terms of strengthening organizational leadership, innovating systems and mechanisms, and strengthening examination and supervision, it is proposed to guide the key development direction of the cultural industry, standardize the management of special support funds, strengthen industrial statistics and monitoring, and improve the management of state-owned cultural assets and other relevant systems and mechanisms, to ensure effective transmission of pressure, effective promotion of power, effective implementation of work, and form of a sound pattern of joint management.


The Policies are divided into four parts with a total of 18 articles.


The first part includes 3 articles on "cultivating and strengthening market players", respectively, increasing industry recruitment and cultivation efforts, supporting the development of leading backbone enterprises and supporting the development of high-growth enterprises;


The second part includes 4 articles on "supporting carrier and platform construction", respectively, promoting the construction of national cultural export base, upgrading the development of Wuxi Studios, supporting the construction of cultural industry carrier and promoting the cluster development of cultural enterprises;


The third part includes 5 articles on "supporting key industries", respectively, actively cultivating "Made in Wuxi", striving to create "Produced in Wuxi", supporting the innovative development of digital culture industry, promoting the development of creative design industry, and supporting major cultural festivals and exhibitions;


The forth part includes 6 articles on "optimizing development environment", respectively, evaluating the development of the cultural industry, encouraging innovation in cultural investment and financing, optimizing the talent introduction and incentive mechanism for the cultural industry, boosting the cultural market, improving performance appraisal, and discussing major issues on a case-by-case basis.


In the formulation of the Plan and the Policies, Wuxi mainly grasps three principles. First, focus on the industry, referring that the focus of these policies is to concentrate resources to strengthen the industry. Second, focus on key areas; referring that Wuxi should give priority to supporting projects, enterprises and industrial parks, and support key industries with strong foundations, advantages and potential. Third, consolidate strengths and complement weaknesses; referring that in view of the current film and television industry with comparative advantages in Wuxi, as well as the relatively weak digital culture, cultural creativity and cultural exhibition industry, different supporting policies are formulated to improve the accuracy and operability of the policies.


Next, Wuxi will stick to the problem orientation and the targeted approach, center on the goal and idea of "expanding increment, improving stock and activating variable", focus on the targeted measures from the aspects of cultivating the main bodies, gathering industrial parks, key industries, and optimizing the environment, strive to consolidate existing strengths, break through weak links, and strengthen weak links in development, so as to build Wuxi brand of "Taihu Pearl · Jiangnan Prosperous Land", construct a new Wuxi with "strong economy, rich citizens, beautiful environment and high social civilization degree", strive to be the leader of high-quality development of the whole province, and eventually, build Wuxi into a new highland of modern industry with first-class domestic and international influence.


In recent years, CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Wuxi Municipal People's Government have made great efforts to develop the cultural industry with nearly 20,000 cultural enterprises and about 650 cultural enterprises above the scale, preliminarily formed an industry development pattern represented by film and television media, cultural tourism and digital creative industry, introduced and implemented a number of key cultural projects, created 16 carriers of various cultural parks represented by Wuxi Studios and Wuxi Advertising Industry Park with distinctive features and great influence, formed a series of cultural activity brands represented by Wuxi Cultural Expo, Wuxi Cultural Creative Design Competition and China · Jiangsu Taihu Film and Television Cultural Industry Investment Summit, and constructed one of the first batch of national cultural export bases in the national and the only in the province. Especially in the first half of this year, the film and television industry with comparative advantages has been developing rapidly. Wuxi Studios was approved as "Jiangsu Film Industry Innovation Pilot Zone" and "Jiangsu Film and Television Game Copyright Trade (Wuxi) Base". The output value in the first half of this year increased by 23% year on year. Cultural tourism also presented new highlights. The official operation of Wuxi Sunac Land also set off the tourism consumption market.


In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of cultural industry and promote the large-scale, characteristic, intensive and integrated development of cultural industry, municipal finance system has also increased policy support for cultural industry in various fields. From 2012 to 2018, Wuxi has invested more than 700 million yuan in cultural industry through the establishment of special support funds for cultural industry, cultural risk compensation fund, investment in state-owned cultural enterprises, support for national digital film industrial park and other aspects. The overall strength of the city's cultural industry has been steadily improving, brand influence has been expanding, and integrated development has been further promoted.

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