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Vaccination clinic and rabies exposure treatment clinic in Wuxi CDC will be suspended
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In order to implement the spirit of the document concerning the "Closure of All Vaccination Units Established in the CDC within 2019" of Notice of the General Office of the National Health Commission on Accelerating the Standardized Administration of Vaccination, starting from August 1, 2019, adult vaccination clinic and rabies exposure treatment clinic of the Outpatient Department of Wuxi Center for Disease Control will stop accepting the first vaccination of the public and the outpatient service of dog injury at night. On December 31, 2019, both clinics will be suspended, and vaccination services will be completely stopped. After the suspension, citizens can go to the designated vaccination units in each district for rabies exposure treatment and go to the nearest community health service center in the jurisdiction for adult vaccines or consultation.


However, citizens who have been treated in the rabies exposure treatment clinic and received the first rabies vaccine before August 1 are still provided with follow-up rabies vaccine service normally. Service hours: 8:00-17:00, Monday to Sunday, August 1 - August 31.


Meanwhile, those who have received the first vaccine (such as hepatitis b vaccine, cervical cancer vaccine, etc.) in the adult vaccination clinic before August 1 are still provided with the follow-up vaccination service normally. Service hours: 9:00-17:00, every Tuesday to Saturday (except statutory holidays), August 1 - December 31.


After December 31, if there are patients who have not completed the follow-up inoculation, Wuxi CDC will arrange qualified inoculation sites to complete the follow-up inoculation. For enquiries, please call 86-510-82723439, 86-510-85727327 or 86-12320.


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