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Fine public toilets equipped with wifi, free drink water and coin machines
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Yesterday, near the intersection of Xinbaizhuang Road, Xueqian East Road, construction personnel were installing equipment for an urban living space which will be the sixth urban living space built in Xishan District this year and a typical representative of Wuxi fine public toilets.


The urban living space includes a public toilet that is intelligently-managed and operated, but not just a public toilet. It also includes multiple service functions such as book reading and music enjoyment, wireless Internet access and mobile phone charging, free drinking water and automatic selling. "This is also the standard and requirement for the toilet revolution in the whole region this year." Wang Wenjun, Head of the Environmental Health Section of Xishan District Administration Bureau, said that a total of 252 public toilets will be built in Xishan District in three years, of which 133 will be built this year. So far, 34 have been built. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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