MAXUSFCV80 Wuxi demonstration operation project launched
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Hydrogen energy is an important direction for the sustainable development of automobile industry in the future. Yesterday, the MAXUSFCV80 Wuxi demonstration operation project was officially launched, meaning that our city's first passenger dedicated line consisted of hydrogen-fuel cell cars was officially opened, with the operation route between Sunan Shuofang International Airport to Jiangyin Passenger Station. Mayor Huang Qin and Deputy Mayor Gao Yaguang attended the launching ceremony.


According to the manufacturer, the hydrogen energy vehicle can reach a mileage of 500 kilometers and can be filled with fuel within three minutes. The convenience is similar to that of a conventional fuel vehicle. However, unlike traditional fuel vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle uses hydrogen as a fuel. When it is powered, it only produce water, no pollution, low noise and zero emissions.


The opening of the passenger dedicated line this time will help promote the construction of the new energy vehicle operation ecosystem. The person from Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that the promotion of the demonstration project would promote the construction of hydrogen refueling stations, the integration of upstream and downstream industries of fuel cell vehicles and the concentration of industrial talents in the automotive industry, and help and guide all parties to work together to promote the commercial operation of fuel cells and the ecological construction of industrial chains. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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