5G Industry Alliance was established
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"5G+" contains greater possibilities for industrial development. Wuxi is accelerating the integration of 5G technology and industry.


Yesterday, the establishment conference of 5G Industry Alliance was held in Wuxi. Under the guidance of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, 5G Industry Alliance is a non-profit social organization jointly initiated by 8 institutions including Wuxi Mobile, covering a total of 40 voluntary organizations including backbone enterprises and research institutes in 5G field. The alliance will integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, meet the demands of alliance members in terms of demand docking, industry-university-research cooperation, knowledge sharing, etc., establish a win-win 5G ecosystem, accelerate the construction, application development, industrial upgrading and talent cultivation of 5G network in Wuxi, and speed up the promotion and popularization of 5G innovative application, and promote the shared benefits of 5G development. Wuxi Mobile was elected Chairman of 5G Industry Alliance.


On the occasion of the establishment of the alliance, cooperation started simultaneously -- Wuxi Mobile, Wuxi Daily Press Group and Bank of Jiangsu signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement, to jointly carry out research on 5G coverage and application, explore and promote new applications and new models of 5G, and promote the development of 5G related technologies and applications in smart city construction and omnimedia communication pattern building. Meanwhile, Hanyun Technology, Machine Healthcare Center and Mingzhu Steel Ball signed a 5G industrial networking cooperation agreement.


On that day, Deputy Mayor Gao Yaguang, relevant heads of the provincial and municipal departments of industry and information technology and more than 300 representatives from the core forces of the 5G industry, including telecommunication operators, telecommunication equipment manufacturers, terminal equipment manufacturers, application service providers, and scientific research institutes, witnessed the establishment of the alliance. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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