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Pediatric analgesia clinic improves examination comfort
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Recently, Wuxi Children's Hospital opened analgesia outpatient service. According to the physical condition of children, personalized sedation treatment can be made to improve the comfort and success rate of children's medical examination.


Children's poor compliance and inability to cooperate with examinations and treatment as adults not only annoys parents, but also depletes medical resources. The sedation clinic is mainly aimed at children who need MRI, ECG, pulmonary function test, EEG, spiral CT and other examinations for sedation before examination. There are a variety of sedation methods. Currently, oral sedation is the main method in this hospital. The anesthesiologist evaluates the child according to his physical condition and past history, and chooses the most effective, accurate and safest way for sedation treatment, so that the child can receive all kinds of examinations in a comfortable and painless condition. After all the tests are completed with sedation, there is a special person in the sedation recovery area to observe the child's physical indicators until the child wakes up.


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