Life and death rescue
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Beep, beep, beep... A hurried alarm broke the silence in the monitoring room. "Vinyl chloride is leaking!" At 9 o'clock in the morning yesterday, Zhou Chunsheng, director of the tank field in a hazardous chemical use enterprise in Xishan District, immediately put on chemical protection suit and wear positive pressure air respirator to go deep into the tank field for investigation with his colleague after received an alarm. They found out that the flange joint on the bottom valve of No.3 storage tank was broken and 60 tons of vinyl chloride was leaking. Through on-site rescue, leakage could not be stopped. The situation was very critical. A citywide "life and death rescue" was launched immediately. Fortunately, this was only a drill of emergency plan for hazardous chemicals accidents!


Vinyl chloride is a flammable gas that can form an explosive mixture with air and has an anesthetic effect. Twenty minutes after the "incident", fire rescue vehicles, public security vehicles, emergency linked vehicles, environmental protection monitoring vehicles, weather monitoring vehicles and other emergency vehicles quickly entered the factory. The site headquarters evacuated the personnel within 800 meters downwind of the "incident". Plugging, warning, dilution, treatment, decontamination and other responding procedures were conducted orderly and normatively. Only 30 minutes later, a "hazardous chemical leakage "incident " was successfully prevented by emergency troops.


It is better to have 100 drills than to have one actual combat. Safety in production depends on every day's prevention. "Currently, the city is still in the summer flood season and high temperature season. The 'high-risk' of production safety still exists." According to the municipal safety commission, a month-long in-depth inspection on the safety hazards of chemical producers and users is underway. During this period, the China Chemical Safety Association will go through 64 enterprises one by one, helping Wuxi further consolidate the "firewall" of safe production. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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