Urban development cooperation symposium held in high-tech zone
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The 2019 Urban Development Cooperation Symposium of Wuxi National High-Tech Zone (Xinwu District) was held yesterday, showcasing the development process, urban characteristics and business opportunities of the high-tech zone, promoting the exchanges and cooperation with well-known service industry, business and other investors, and accelerating the pace of industry-city integration. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Wuxi National High-Tech Zone and Secretary of CPC Xinwu District Committee, attended the symposium.


The location advantages, transportation resources, industrial functions, cultural origins of the high-tech zones were displayed on the spot, and the planning, positioning, spatial structure, urban intentions and supporting facilities of the five key areas were detailed. These development planning of key areas surprised over 200 Chinese and foreign guests.


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