Hong Hui East China Headquarters of Flywheel Energy Storage to land in high-tech zone
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Beijing Hong Hui International Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. will build its East China Headquarters in Wuxi National High-Tech Zone to give full play to the leading edge of the enterprise in flywheel energy storage technology, combine with the solid foundation of Wuxi new energy industry and jointly promote the development and expansion of the flywheel energy storage industry chain in Wuxi.


Yesterday, the signing ceremony of Hong Hui East China Headquarters of Flywheel Energy Storage & Wuxi Integrated Circuit and Energy Storage Research Institute was held. Huang Qin, Mayor of Wuxi, met with Zhang Dongxiao, Academician of the American Academy of Engineering and Executive Vice President of Graduate School of Peking University, and Wang Jialiang, Chairman of Hong Hui International Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., and attended the signing ceremony. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Wuxi National High-Tech Zone and Secretary of CPC Xinwu District Committee, and Zhang Mingkang, Secretary General of Wuxi Municipal Government, attended the event.


Huang Qin congratulated on the signing of the project and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Wuxi. He said that in recent years, Wuxi has unswervingly followed the path of developing the city by industries, vigorously developed the new generation of information technology industry, intelligent manufacturing and modern service industry led by the Internet of Things and attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and cooperation with universities and research institutes. The municipal and district governments will fully support the project construction, do a good job in tracking services and facilitate the application and promotion of new technologies and products of flywheel energy storage. It’s hoped the cooperation between the two sides will yield fruitful results at an early date.


Zhang Dongxiao said that flywheel energy storage has many advantages of green, environmental protection and high safety and can promote green production, which is in line with Wuxi's demand for high-end manufacturing. After being put into use, Wuxi Integrated Circuit and Energy Storage Research Institute will actively explore the organic combination of flywheel technology with Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other industries, conduct research and development of core technologies, promote their application, and provide system solutions for users.


Wang Jialiang said that the reason why the project landed in Wuxi, on the one hand, was because the company had set up equipment factory in Jiangyin, contributing to a good foundation for cooperation; on the other hand, was because Wuxi’s excellent policy environment and efficient government services had left a deep impression on him. It’s hoped that both parties will jointly promote the flywheel energy storage industry to establish a foothold in Wuxi, serve the whole country and go global.


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