Li Xiaomin investigated the progress of rail transit construction
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Rail transit construction is connected with people's livelihood and urban development at the same time. Therefore, its importance is self-evident. On August 14, Li Xiaomin, Secretary of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, came to the construction sites of South Extension of Metro Line 1, Phase 1 of Metro Line 3 and Phase 1 of Metro Line 4 to investigate the progress of rail transit construction


After investigation, Li Xiaomin emphasized that speeding up the construction of rail transit required the concerted efforts of the whole city. The relevant departments of all localities should resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Wuxi Municipal Government; the main officers in charge should give priority to supporting the development of the rail transit industry, personally participate in and pay close attention to it, and make due contributions to the construction and development of the rail transit industry; Wuxi Metro Group should match the international first-class standards, enhance the consciousness of high-quality products, and organically unify the safety, quality and progress, strengthen safety control, quality control, progress control and integrity control, build Wuxi metro brand, and truly build Wuxi rail transit into a good quality project, green ecological project and harmonious and happy project. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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