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End of heat
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Every day this week has been a repeat of the previous day, cloudy. Controlled by continental high pressure, the weather is still cloudy today. Although the minimum temperature during the day is only 24℃, the maximum temperature is still around 33℃.


In the next two days, the weather in our city will be mainly cloudy, with the highest temperature around 33℃. After August 25, affected by the return of low pressure and the coming of weak cold air, there will be a more obvious rainfall and the overall temperature will drop slightly.


Today has come to the end of heat in the 24 solar terms. Every year around August 23, when the sun reaches 150 degrees longitude, it is "end of heat", meaning the hot period of summer is over and the weather is getting cooler.


The subtropical high will weaken and recede to the east, cold air from the north will move southward more frequently and the temperature will drop gradually, but there will also be hot weather. Although the day will still be hot, the temperature will drop further at night, and the temperature difference between day and night will start to increase.


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