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175,000 sports vouchers to be issued
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On the morning of August 26, the reporter learned from the press conference of issuing "sports consumption vouchers", a non-governmental practical project in 2019, that Wuxi sports authorities, together with Wuxi Citizen Card Co., Ltd. will issue a total of 175,000 consumption vouchers from August 31. By the end of November, citizens can directly use the vouchers in over 30 designated venues.


Reportedly, the total amount of sports consumption vouchers is 2 million yuan. In addition to the technical development fee of 250,000 yuan, 1.75 million yuan is used for the vouchers. Each eligible citizen can receive 5 10-yuan vouchers which will be issued from 8:00 of August 31 to 24:00 of October 31 and valid for 30 days.


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