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Traffic optimization scheme for Huishan Tunnel and Qingqi Tunnel came out
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The traffic optimization scheme for Huishan Tunnel and Qingqi Tunnel was officially announced. Traffic police held a press conference yesterday, saying that in order to effectively improve the traffic efficiency of Huishan Tunnel and Qingqi Tunnel and ease the traffic congestion on expressways, some solid lines in the tunnels will be changed to dotted lines and vehicles will be allowed to change lanes in the tunnels with speed under 60km/h.


At the same time, the first innovative use of "expressway exit ladder guidance system" which will be put into use at six exits of West Inner Ring to Taihu Avenue, Liangqing Road, Huiqian Road, Liangxi Road, Jianzhu Road, Wangshan Road can effectively avoid traffic accidents caused by forced lane change at the exit.  


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