27 practices to serve the people run smoothly
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Meicun is expected to open Micro Bus Route 2 later this month. With the Micro Bus Route 1 opened this June, these two routes will make it easier for local residents to travel. This is the latest progress in the construction of "public transportation optimization", one of the practical practices to serve the people in Xinwu District in 2019.


This year, Xinwu District strives to do a good job in serving the people with 27 practices of 10 categories involving employment and entrepreneurship, social assistance, urban and rural housing reconstruction and others. It tries everything possible to solve the most immediate and practical problems that concern the masses the most and strives to create an urban area suitable for live and business. Learned from Xinwu District Development and Reform Commission, since this year, the relevant departments of the district have made concerted efforts to promote practical practices to serve the people, showing the characteristics of solid work measures, fast progress, high project quality. In the first half of this year, 27 practical practices went smoothly, most of which were ahead of schedule and achieved good social benefits.


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