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7 new AEDs to be added in our city this year
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In recent year, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) has gradually come into public view in China. According to the information learned from Wuxi Red Cross Society, by the end of 2018, 22 sets of AEDs had been equipped in some important places, all located in prominent locations in the premises and specifically identified. This year, 7 more AEDs will be added to some Red Cross demonstration schools, scenic spots and rescue stations, which are expected to be completed in September.

AED is a portable and easy-to-operate first-aid equipment, which is used for the early defibrillation of patients after cardiac arrest. It is mainly deployed in schools, parks, cultural tourist attractions, hotels, sports venues, stations, transportation vehicles and other public places with a high flow of people. Its biggest characteristic is that the user does not need to have the high-level ability to read the electrocardiogram, just follow the recording instructions, turn on the power, and press the discharge button to complete the automatic electrocardiogram analysis and defibrillation. General non-medical personnel can fully master it through a short period of study and practice. According to the survey, every year, the number of sudden cardiac death in China is about 550,000, the vast majority of whom are cardiac arrest patients, with an average of 4 patients per minute, and more than 90% of them occur outside the hospital. If the patients are given electric shock defibrillation within 1 minute through AED, the probability of saving is 90%, and the hope of saving is reduced by 7% to 10% for each delay of one minute.


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