Investigate the counterpart assistance work in Qinghai
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"Taihu Pearl" Wuxi and "Plateau Pearl" Haidong, although separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, work together to create a "new model" of poverty alleviation cooperation between east and west.


On August 6, during a visit to Qinghai with a party and government delegation from Jiangsu Province, Li Xiaomin, Secretary of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, led a party and government delegation from Wuxi to Haidong of Qinghai Province, which was supported by Wuxi Municipal Government, to conduct a field visit to the poverty alleviation cooperation projects between the two places and conduct exchanges on furthering poverty alleviation cooperation.


Niao Chengyun, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress and Secretary of CPC Haidong Municipal Committee, and Wang Linhu, Mayor of Haidong, accompanied them during the visit. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi and Secretary of CPC Xinwu District Committee, Jiang Min, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, and officers of related departments of the city, Huishan District and Binhu District all participated in the visit.


Since the establishment of a pair relationship with Haidong at the end of 2016, Wuxi has invested 503 million yuan of assistance funds and implemented 160 assistance projects. Liangxi District, Xishan District, Huishan District, Binhu District and Xinwu District have paired with Xunhua County, Hualong County, Ledu District, Pingan District, Minhe County and Huzhu County in Haidong respectively to reach a well-off society, realizing a "full coverage" of all districts (counties) in Haidong. Nine enterprises have successfully landed in Haidong and established 10 new investment projects and more than 230 personnel of various kinds have been sent to Haidong, 3,350 persons of employment intentions have been reached, realizing an "all-round" cooperation. Moreover, social forces have also been widely involved. The total amount of donations and materials from all walks of life in Wuxi has exceeded 10 million yuan, the total number of rural students assisted in completing their studies has reached 1,860, and the total number of the poor assisted to improve their production and life has reached 1,260, realizing the "full participation" of all forces. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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