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A new "urban living space" added in Xishan District
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Xishan District vigorously promotes the "toilet revolution" to comprehensively improve the environmental quality of public toilets. Yesterday, located at the junction of East Xueqian Road and Huaxia Road, another "urban living space" was completed and presented, being the sixth city post station completed in Xishan District this year.


Donated by caring entrepreneur Pan Quansheng, Chairman of Huaxia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., this "urban living space" and the other one which will be completed soon at the intersection of Taihu Avenue and Youyi Road are built according to the domestic first-class and provincial-leading construction standard. Reportedly, compared with the traditional public toilets, the "urban living space" is "higher, bigger and better" in terms of specifications, layout and quality with more prominent intelligent and convenient features. The "urban living space" of Dongting covers an area of about 150 square meters and is equipped with round-the-clock cleaning. It integrates the three functions of public toilet space, convenience space and management space, with simple and beautiful appearance and interior decoration, unified indoor and outdoor signs, intelligent and energy-saving equipment and complete functional facilities. In addition to the basic intelligent men's and women's toilets, there is also a third toilet, equipped with sofas, tables and chairs, and a leisure room with reading and tea functions, which is convenient for parents to take their children to the toilet. It can also provide free and comfortable rest places for park visitors, people waiting at nearby bus stops and nearby residents, so as to improve the public's toilet experience.


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