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100 Chinese and foreign pilots perform "Air F1"
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Wear FPV glasses, connect your glasses to the camera on the drone, and fly between obstacles from a first-person perspective with a remote control at 150 km/h, which is known as the "Air F1" drone racing. The 2019 WORLD Internet of Things Expo International Drone Championship kicked off in Wuxi Sports Park yesterday morning, with hundreds of Chinese and foreign pilots competing in the air, bringing a novel and exciting feast of senses for Wuxi residents.


Drone racing, electronic sports and robot fighting, which combine innovative technology with competitive sports, have been named as three modern intelligent sports. In the past two years, this exciting new sport has attracted more and more fans. Reportedly, a set of drone racing equipment includes drone, FPV glasses and remote control, etc. In addition to operational skills, it also requires high operational ability of welding and modification of pilots. The price of the whole set of equipment varies from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, suitable for different groups of people to participate.


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