Scenic spots offer benefits to teachers
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Tomorrow is the 35th Teacher's Day. Yesterday, reporters found that many scenic spots in Wuxi have launched a variety of holiday preferential policies for teachers. With a teacher certificate, you can visit many cultural scenic spots and theme parks for free and at special prices, as well as participate in wonderful activities.


From September 7 to September 10, teachers with their identity cards and teacher certificates can enter Lingshan Wonderland free of charge with no restrictions on region and teaching age. The performance of Lingshan Auspicious are included in the preferential policy. From September 7 to September 10, Wuxi Sunac Land and Sunac Water World offer special tickets for teachers, including 60-yuan meal voucher for self-catering in the park. A teacher can bring no more than 2 children under 1.2 meters. The Plum Garden Lighting Festival has officially opened. Teachers can buy 0-yuan tickets on WeChat public platform on Teachers' Day on September 10 and redeem the tickets at the ticket office with their teaching certificate. Turtle-Head Peninsula has issued 10 tickets for the Mid-Autumn Water Music Fireworks Festival for teachers on the WeChat public account. The Three Kingdoms City and Water Margin City are free of charge for those who hold a teacher's certificate with their id card and teacher's certificate from September 7 to September 10.


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