Volunteers of WIOT Expo took oaths
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This Saturday, Wuxi is about to open the expo time. All preparatory work is in full swing.

Yesterday, nearly 800 volunteers dressed in "WIOT Blue" showed up at Taihu College to attend the volunteer training conference of the expo and learn about the general situation of the conference, volunteer etiquette, health and first aid knowledge and other courses. More than 500 of them come from Taihu College and other universities, nearly 200 come from various government departments and units in our city, and about 100 of them are professional volunteers providing emergency assistance, photography, translation and other services.


Reportedly, the on-site volunteer service will be upgraded this year. The volunteer service station located at the exhibition hall of the expo will add a new maternal and infant room for the first time, so that new mothers can feel more at ease when watching the exhibition.


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