Bulletin of the office of Wuxi Municipal Government on the Inspection of the Citywide Government Website in the Third Quarter of 2019
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Bulletin of the office of Wuxi Municipal Government on the Inspection of the Citywide Government Website in the Third Quarter of 2019


People's governments of cities (counties) and districts, and relevant departments and units of cities,


According to the Guidelines for the Development of Government Websites (Guo Ban Fa [2017] No. 47) and the Implementation Opinions of the Jiangsu Provincial Government Office on Promoting the Orderly and Healthy Development of Government Websites (Su Zheng Ban Fa [2017] No. 96), the inspection of the city's government websites in the third quarter of 2019 was carried out. The inspection situation is reported as follows:


I. Basic Situation


i. A total of 47 government websites were inspected, and the acceptance rate of random inspection was 97.9%.


ii. This quarter (as of August 19), a total of 79 comments were received from netizens who said "I find mistakes for government websites". Relevant regions and departments have conducted verification, processing and feedback as required, and the completion rate was 100% on schedule.


II. Existing Problems


i. There were 5 columns were not updated in time on government website.


ii. A total of 38 business systems or platforms configured with government website domain names in 12 departments have not yet submitted the certificate for filing of network security level protection, posing security risks.


III. Work Requirement


i. All regions and departments should strictly comply with the requirements of the Guidelines for the Development of Government Websites and the Inspection Indexes of Government Websites and New Media, intensify daily supervision and self-inspection, strengthen the standardization construction of government websites, eliminate information not updated, blank column and other problems.


ii. Update the content and information of institutional settings. Each concerned unit should check the information such as the general situation of the organization of the project of the public column of government information of portal website seriously, and the content should be modified in time if there is any change.


To the problem website of this announcement, each relevant unit should take forceful measures, carry out rectification in time, and report the rectification in writing to the municipal government office before September 6.


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Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government


August 27, 2019



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