Press Conference on the 14th Wuxi Modern Agriculture Expo

Time: 10:00, August 29, 2019

Venue: Press Center, 3F, Building 2, Wuxi Civic Center

Spokesman: Cheng Song, Deputy Director of Wuxi Municipal People


Hui Lian, Deputy Director of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs


Media friends,

Good morning everyone. Welcome to attend the press conference of the 14th Wuxi Modern Agriculture Expo.


In order to fully reflect the achievements of the rural revitalization work in recent years, and comprehensively demonstrate the high-quality development achievements of Wuxi agricultural and rural areas, Wuxi Municipal People's Government decided to hold the 14th Wuxi Modern Agriculture Expo in Wuxi this year. In order to meet the consumer demand of the general public, and further expand the city's modern agricultural exchanges and cooperation, please allow me to introduce the relevant information of this agriculture expo.


I. When and Where


The agriculture expo will open on September 20, 2019 and end on September 22 at Wuxi New Sports Center Convention and Exhibition Center (1,500 Taihu Avenue).


II. Organizer


The agriculture expo is organized by Wuxi Municipal People's Government, undertaken by Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and supported by 11 municipal authorities and people's governments of various cities (counties) including the Publicity Department of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee.


III. Purpose


The 14th Wuxi Modern Agriculture Expo aims to "be the pace-setter in the high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas in the whole province", and takes the principle of "innovation in form, rich in content and quality improvement" to boost rural development through quality, green and brand building, provide a platform for urban and rural exchanges, promote and publicize the green, high-quality, characteristic, brand of agricultural and sideline products, expand the influence and reputation of Wuxi agricultural and rural areas, and play an active role in promoting the rural revitalization and the high-quality development of modern agriculture.


IV. Form and Content


The specific content of this agriculture expo includes the opening ceremony, leading guests' tour, Wuxi "three rural" achievements display, high-quality agricultural products exhibition, inspection and exchange activities, carried out in the form of combining achievements exhibition with product exhibition and sale, combining rural cultural exchanges with foreign agricultural cooperation, and combining the interaction between farmers and citizens.


In addition, during the agriculture expo, the launching ceremony of "New Jiangnan and New Rural Charm -- 2019 Beautiful Rural Four Seasons and Twelve Sceneries Release and Field Class" and a series of activities of agricultural products, rural networks, talents and films will be held to bring a wonderful agricultural feast to all walks of life in Wuxi.


Dear media friends, so much for the introduction of the 14th Wuxi Modern Agriculture Expo. Thank you for your attention and support to Wuxi rural revitalization industry. We will work hard to do a good job of this agriculture expo.


Answers to Reporters


Question 1. What are the highlights and features of this agriculture expo compared with previous sessions?


Answer of Deputy Director Hui Lian:


This agriculture expo, compared with the previous focus on agricultural and sideline products exhibition, will be added a lot of content and given a lot of new ideas, mainly in the following aspects.


Firstly, in conjunction with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, this agriculture expo will solemnly launch a series of dedication activities, including Four Seasons and Twelve Sceneries Release and Field Class, to show Wuxi's achievements in the construction of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in the past 70 years;


Secondly, the theme of beautiful rural construction will be added to show the achievements of Wuxi "New Jiangnan Family" construction;


Thirdly, focusing on the local characteristics of Wuxi, 20 most popular "Wuxi high-quality brand agricultural products" will be selected to participate in the exhibition, so as to further expand the brand influence of Wuxi and reflect the modernization and intelligence of Wuxi's dominant agricultural industry;


Fourthly, live broadcast by new online media will be adopted to show the scene of agriculture expo, interact with netizens, promote new agricultural successful cases and entrepreneurial process, promote high-quality agricultural and sideline products, create brand highlights.


Question 2. How to control the quality of agricultural products at the agriculture expo? How to do field consultation and service work of product quality of the agriculture expo?


Answer of Deputy Director Hui Lian:


The quality and safety of agricultural products is the premise and foundation of food safety. It is related to the health and safety of consumers. It is related to the sustainable development of agriculture and the harmony and stability of society. It is an important task of modern agricultural development and also a starting point and foothold of agricultural work.


Therefore, this agriculture expo will focus on the following:


First, carefully select the exhibitors to participate in the current agriculture expo, adhere to the display and sale of safe edible agricultural products, good access, which is the basis of enterprises to participate in the agriculture expo and is also the bottom line of running a good agriculture expo;


Second, strengthen supervision measures, strengthen the supervision of exhibitors, intensify efforts to investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations by major producers of agricultural products.


We have specially set up a working group of on-site consultation and service, which is specifically responsible for answering all kinds of questions raised by the masses on the site, solving possible disputes, and doing related work well in the later period. To this end, we have specially transferred agricultural experts to answer questions raised by the masses on the spot and strive to solve problems on the spot.


In addition, in order to provide on-site services, we have taken the following measures:


The first is to ensure the quality of exhibitors. According to the requirements, merchants who come to participate in this agriculture expo must have complete business registration information to ensure that problems can be traced;


Second, exhibitors shall take the initiative to declare the types of agricultural products to be exhibited. Goods that do not meet the requirements for participation shall not be allowed to enter the exhibition;


Third, the exhibitors shall make the promise of honest and legal management. If there is any violation, they will not be allowed to participate in the agriculture expo in the future;


Fourth, strengthen the site management and do not let the illegal goods have a place;


The fifth is to prepare fair balance on the site, so that the masses to participate in the exhibition site can review the weight of goods.


In case of any dispute, the staff of the organizing committee will cooperate with the staff of the municipal market supervision, public security and other departments to carry out earnest mediation in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations from the perspective of protecting the rights and interests of both parties and strive to resolve the conflict on the spot. As for the after-sales service of the products, we have got the relevant contact information before the exhibitor enters the exhibition, so as to ensure the normal after-sales service and solve the problems.

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