Celebrate the 35th Teachers' Day
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Yesterday, the city held the 35th Teacher's Day Celebration, commending the "Excellent Education Workers of Wuxi in 2017-2019", the staff enjoying special government allowances, the excellent teachers of the National "Ten-Thousand Talents Program", the advanced workers of the national education system and a group of outstanding educators such as National Model Teachers and National Outstanding Teachers and advanced collectives of the national education system. Municipal leaders Yuan Fei, Zhu Minyang, Liu Xia and Han Xiaofeng participated in the celebration.


Yuan Fei said that in recent years, the city has earnestly implemented the party's educational principles and policies, always placed education in a strategic position of priority development, adhered to the people-centered educational philosophy and comprehensively promoted the education modernization. The overall level of education continued to walk in the forefront of the province and even the country. All of this is inseparable from the hard work of teachers, the inexhaustible struggle of the vast number of educators and the silent dedication of the older generation of Wuxi educators. It is the unshirkable responsibility of the party and the government to create a team of teachers of high quality and dedication. It is also the mission of all walks of life. We must actively advocate the whole society to vigorously carry forward the good manners of respecting teachers and respecting religion, and strive to improve teachers' political status, social status and professional status, so that teachers can enjoy their social prestige and teach with enthusiasm, peace and comfort.


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