Sunra and Tower Power signed a strategic cooperation agreement
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Recently, Sunra and Tower Power, subordinated to China Tower, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote in-depth cooperation in such areas as express delivery of electric vehicles, battery exchange, battery sales and leasing, to jointly build an intelligent travel ecosystem.


Sunra has laid a relatively complete industrial chain and offline channels nationwide. Tower Power is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Tower, which uses energy-efficient power batteries as its carrier to provide power backup, power generation, charging and other power exchange and energy services for financial, transportation, medical, commercial and low-speed electric vehicle customers. According to the agreement, the two parties will establish a long-term, comprehensive and stable cooperative relation in the aspects of take-away electric vehicles and after-sales service, service network construction, exploration on application mode of lithium battery for electric vehicle, c-end market expansion, electric vehicle standard formulation and construction of charging piles for electric two-wheeled vehicles.


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