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Wuxi "IOT Table" is installed in the development zone of Korea
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"The purchase of corresponding components has recently begun," said Zou Jiefu, Chairman of Taojin Technology, who was recently busy with this year's order in South Korea. This order was officially signed at the 2019 World Internet of Things Expo to provide a comprehensive energy intelligence measurement and control platform for the Xinwanjin Development Zone project in South Korea, with a total amount of 1.6 billion yuan.


"After communicating on the Internet, the South Korean partner flew in a week later." Zou Jiefu said that before, the order was received by an enterprise in Shanghai; however, the docking implementation was slow, but later, the South Korean side found the development of Wuxi Internet of Things on the Internet, and searched that Taojin Technology is developing and producing energy systems with the Internet of Things. Soon, South Korea's DONGHO COSMO and Taojin Technology reached an cooperative intention.


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