Registration of Adoption in Mainland for Overseas Chinese and Chinese Citizens Living in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
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I. The adopter does not have children of his or her own;

II. The adopter is capable of raising and educating the adopted;

III. The adopter does not suffer from diseases not supposed to raise children medically;

IV. The adopter is at least 30 full years old. (If a male without a spouse adopts a female, the age difference between the adopter and adoptee shall be no less than 40 years.)



Identity document;

Evidentiary materials for age, marriage, with or without children, profession, property, state of health, with or without criminal punishment issued by competent authority or notarized by notary organization;

Recent half-length bareheaded 2-inch photos of the adopter and adoptee.


Legal Basis 

[Law] Adoption Law of the People's Republic of China

Article 15 Paragraph 1 Adoption shall be registered with the civil affairs department of the people's government at or above the county level. The adoption relationship shall be established from the date of registration. In case of adoption of abandoned babies or children whose parents cannot be found, the civil affairs department handling the registration shall make an announcement before registration.

Article 28 If the parties agree to terminate the adoption relationship, they shall go to the civil affairs department to handle the registration of the dissolution adoption relationship.

[Regulations] Regulations on the Registration of Children Adopted by Chinese Citizens (Order No. 14 of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 1999)

Article 14 If overseas Chinese and Chinese citizens residing in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan adopt children in the Mainland, they shall apply for the registration of adoption registration and the documents and certification materials required to be issued shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the civil affairs department of the State Council.

[Regulations] Jurisdiction and Required Documents for the Registration of the Adoption of Chinese Children by Overseas Chinese Descendents, or Chinese Residing in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan Region (Order No. 16 of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 1999)

Article 2 To adopt a child living in Mainland China, an overseas Chinese descendent, or Chinese residing in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan region must present in person and register the adoption with the civil affairs department of the people`s government of the municipality directly under the Central Government or autonomous region in the locality where the adoptee`s permanent residence is registered.


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