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The first "SUXINGHAO" of Sino-Europe Truck Service arrived Wuxi
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On the evening of October 21, the first "SUXINGHAO" of Sino-Europe Truck Service of Wuxi arrived at Shuofang. It took 11 days to transport the goods from Germany by pure road, 11,000 kilometers across the Eurasian continent, meaning that the "fourth logistics" channel from Wuxi to Europe has been opened.


In the past, freight transport between China and Europe was mainly by air, sea and rail. Thanks to China's accession to the International Road Transport Convention in 2016 and the completion of the Western Europe-Western China Road in 2018, truck flights can only be realized now. This "fourth logistics" channel can provide more flexible and convenient transportation for companies with limited quantities of goods and time-sensitive requirements, and also can help such companies expand their market in Europe and Asia.


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