Zoo residents get ID cards
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Took blood from elephants, measured height, measured anal temperature, check teeth of big-mouthed hippos, vaccinate birds... Yesterday, Wuxi Zoo's autumn physical examination opened again. In a change from previous years, in addition to routine physical examinations, veterinarians at Wuxi Zoo implanted chips into the animals and established more comprehensive "ID cards" and physical examination reports for them.


According to Ni Guyin from Wuxi Zoo Veterinary Hospital, in the autumn animal inspection, in order to ensure the health of the animals, the veterinarians implanted small chips for some animals to build their own archives. "The chip is based on the national standard, Animal RFID Code Structure, which is unique in the world." Ni Guyin said that the establishment of a wildlife identification system can provide scientific and technological means for wildlife identification, scientific experiments, breeding, judicial identification and wildlife management, and can provide convenient conditions for data collection and information sharing in the process of animal management.


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