China's first ground-effect wing boat driving control platform was successfully developed in Wuxi
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Recently, China Ship Scientific Research Center released a latest scientific research result: the institute successfully developed a ground-effect wing ship driving and control simulation training platform (ground-effect wing ship simulator), mainly used for carrying out driving training of ground-effect wing ship, marking that the institute filled a gap in this field in China through independent innovation, and would provide an important talent guarantee for relevant scientific experiments and market applications.


As a new type of flying tool with high performance and high efficiency, the ground-effect wing ship can basically fly close to the ground, and can easily fly over deserts, marshes, snow and glaciers that are difficult for general ground vehicles to surmount, and it can also fly to a height of tens or even thousands of meters when necessary. Because of its unique structure and use, it has become a hot spot of flight industry design and layout in various countries.


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