Corporate per capita revenue is expected to exceed 10 million yuan
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On the 10,000-ton freighter, the fully automatic production line from Germany and Sweden with a value of more than 100 million yuan will arrive in China this month. Installation, commissioning, commissioning, these scenes have been repeated numerous times in the brain of Wei Ren, General Manager of Wanhua Machinery.


Following the commissioning of the first production line in July this year, the second production line will be commissioned in March next year. At the intersection of Langxin Road and Jiaye Road, a carefully crafted 3.0 "unmanned factory" with a total investment of 1.35 billion yuan is gradually taking shape.


It is understood that the two production lines are mainly used to add 6 million sets of super-high-strength steel sheet thermoforming stampings. "The investment in the two production lines has brought considerable orders to the company, and the output value will achieve explosive growth next year." Wei Ren told reporters. The main products of Wanhua Machinery include automobile chassis, body, powertrain parts, etc. Tts customers include well-known automakers such as Shanghai Volkswagen and Skoda. However, in such a company with an annual tax payment of more than 100 million yuan, there are only 250 employees in the two factories.


"Last year, the company's per capita revenue was around 4 million yuan, and next year, the figure will reach 10 million yuan as new production lines reach production," said Wei Ren. How to realize the sustained growth of per capita revenue? The only answer is intelligent manufacturing. Through the investment of equipment, the product precision and production capacity can be improved, so that enterprises have more right to speak in the high-end market.


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