China Shanghai International Arts Festival Wuxi Session closed
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Last night, the large-scale song and dance concert of the Russian Red Army Song and Dance Troupe was presented at Wuxi Grand Theater to bring a successful end to China Shanghai International Arts Festival Wuxi Session. Municipal leaders Xu Yiping and Zhang Lixia watched the performance with more than a thousand audiences.


The concert was officially opened in the "Sacred War" of the former Soviet Union, which was strong and powerful. The whole stage performance had "Triumphal March", "Along Peter Street", "Three Sets of Cars" and other popular classical Russian folk songs, as well as the cheerful Cossack dance, sailor dance, gypsy dance, presenting the audiences with Russian customs and a dance feast.


To the surprise of the audience, the concert incorporated many Chinese elements. When familiar Chinese songs such as "Song of the Yangtze River" and "song of the hero" were sung by Russian singers, the audience burst into applause. It is understood that the Russian Red Army Song and Dance Troupe, formerly known as the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs Song and Dance Troupe, is one of the three major song and dance troupes of the former Soviet Red Army. A total of more than 90 artists visited, performing in the forms of chorus, solo, dance, instrumental ensemble and so on. The whole concert gave people great passion and motivation.


With the curtain down of this performance, the 2019 Taihu Cultural and Art Season and the 21st China Shanghai International Arts Festival Wuxi Session also came to a close. In this month, 78 activities in six major sections of the arts festival were held in the whole city, and various performances, exhibitions and social and cultural activities greatly enriched citizens' cultural life.


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