China Electric Heavy Truck Green Alliance was established in Wuxi
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Yesterday, the China Electric Heavy Truck Green Alliance Summit was held in Wuxi. Industry experts, industry leaders and enterprise representatives exchanged and dialogued on the theme of green travel of heavy trucks around cross-border integration and the whole industrial chain. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Wuxi National High-tech Zone and Secretary of the CPC Xinwu District Committee, attended the event.


The purpose of the alliance is to accelerate the technology, application and benefit revolution of new energy electric heavy truck. In line with the concept of co-creating market, co-developing, co-building ecology and sharing fruits, the whole industrial chain ecosystem of advanced technology -- intelligent manufacturing -- green finance -- efficient operation -- closed-loop energy will be integrated to help win the battle for low-carbon development.


In the future, the alliance will be used as a link to fully condense and give full play to the superior resources and strong influence of each sponsoring unit, influence and drive more institutions, units and enterprises to participate in the business development and ecological construction of electric heavy trucks. The alliance will be developed into an industry organization that promotes technological progress, accelerates industrial development, innovates business models and promotes win-win cooperation.


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