AstraZeneca's international market headquarters signed
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On December 30, the signing ceremony of AstraZeneca's international market headquarters was held in Xinwu District. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xinwu District and Secretary of the Xinwu District Committee, attended the activity.


AstraZeneca is an innovation-driven global biopharmaceutical company focusing on research and development, production and sales of prescription drugs. Since entering China in 1993, AstraZeneca has been committed to cultivating and vigorously implementing headquarters development strategy in Xinwu District, Wuxi. Projects including the China Logistics Center Project, China Health IOT Innovation Center Project, New Drug Development and Supply Building Project and Wuxi International Life Science Innovation Park Project have settled down in succession. Xinwu District has become the production, sales, distribution and innovation bases of AstraZeneca in China. As of now, AstraZeneca has continued to increase its investment in Wuxi, with tax amount in the forefront in Wuxi for several years.


At the Boao Forum for Asia held on March 27, 2019, Xinwu District and AstraZeneca signed to jointly build the Wuxi International Life Science Innovation Park. According to the agreement on December 30, AstraZeneca plans to relocate its international market headquarters into the Wuxi International Life Science Innovation Park, further strengthening its headquarters positioning and introducing more headquarters functions.


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