Japanese parliamentary delegation from Fukuoka Prefecture investigates in Wuxi
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A few days ago, a parliamentary delegation from Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan came to Wuxi for investigation. Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee Li Xiaomin met the group led by the chairperson of the parliament of Fukuoka Prefecture. The two sides discussed on further deepening cooperation and exchanges and enhancing mutual trust and friendship. Xu Yiping, Director of the Standing Committee of Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress, Si Jinquan, Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, and Hua Boya, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Wuxi Municipal People's Congress, attended the meeting.


Li Xiaomin warmly welcomed the delegation and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Wuxi. He said that since the formal establishment of affiliation between Jiangsu Province and Fukuoka Prefecture in 1992, Wuxi and Japan have enjoyed closer friendly exchanges. The two sides have carried out a series of exchanges and cooperation activities in the fields of cultural and educational exchanges, inter-city exchanges and economic and trade cooperation. The "Sino-Japanese Cherry Blossom Friendship Forest" created the "Wuxi International Cherry Blossom Week"; a song named as “Wuxi Lv Qing” of a famous singer from Fukuoka Prefecture made Wuxi be famous in Japan and brought many tourists, making Wuxi an important destination for Japanese tourists traveling abroad; Wuxi has 5 sister cities from Japan and has opened direct flights to three places in Japan; and Wuxi is also a preferred place for Japanese companies to invest and has become an influential "Japanese capital highland". From January to November in 2019, the total trade between Wuxi and Japan reached USD 10.28 billion, which was the best level in history. A sound foundation and fruitful results have increased our confidence and motivation for further deepening exchanges and cooperation.


Li Xiaomin pointed out that China and Japan are neighbors with a strip of water. Peaceful development is the mainstream of the world nowadays. It is in the fundamental interests of the Chinese and Japanese people to deepen China-Japan friendly exchanges and achieve common development. It is hoped that the two sides will join hands and do more things that are conducive to the friendly exchanges, things that are conducive to the common development of the two sides and things that are conducive to the well-being of the peoples.


The chairperson of the parliament of Fukuoka Prefecture thanked Wuxi for the warm and thoughtful arrangements. He said that Fukuoka and Jiangsu have conducted friendly exchanges for 27 years, and the two sides have carried out a series of fruitful activities in the fields of culture and youth exchanges. Although this is his first visit to Wuxi, he has already heard about Wuxi‘s brilliant achievements in economic and social development over the years and its role in the Yangtze River Delta region and China’s economic territory. In this investigation, the development performance of Wuxi has been intuitively understood, and Wuxi's achievements in promoting the integration of history and modern development were impressive. Fukuoka is the central city in the Kyushu region of Japan. At present, it is further expanding foreign cooperation and exchanges by increasing the construction of transportation infrastructure. Fukuoka will further consolidate and expand the friendly exchange relations between the two sides, strengthen exchanges, enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation and push the friendship between the two sides to a new level.


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