4th Session of the 16th Wuxi Municipal People
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On January 8, the 4th Session of the 16th Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress grandly opened in the Wuxi Great Hall of the People. Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee Huang Qin attended the session. Acting Mayor of Wuxi Du Xiaogang gave a government work report. Director of the Standing Committee of Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress Xu Yiping presided over the session.


Du Xiaogang said that over the past year, the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government has made overall planning on promoting stable growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting people's livelihood, preventing risks and maintaining stability. It has mainly done the following tasks: actively responding to risks and challenges and maintain stable economic growth; further promoting the policy of thriving city with industries and accelerated formation of new kinetic energy; deepening the reform and opening up and continuously increasing the vitality; coordinating regional development of urban and rural areas and improving quality and functions simultaneously; comprehensively promoting green development and strengthening vigor of ecological construction; and optimizing supply of public services and improving people's livelihood and welfare day by day. These achievements are not easy to obtain. They are the results of the strong leadership and scientific decision-making of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, results of the strong support and supervision enhancement of the Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress and the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the CPPCC and results of the struggle of cadres at all levels and vast masses in the whole city. At the same time, there are still many contradictions and problems in the economic and social development in Wuxi. There are also some shortcomings and deficiencies in the government's work. In this regard, the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government will adhere to the bottom line thinking, strengthen the sense of worry, seize the major contradictions and study and solve them.


Du Xiaogang said that 2020 is the final year of building an all-round well-off society at a high level and the “13th Five-Year” plan. It is also a key year serving as a link between past and future to start the basic journey of modernization. It is a milestone to do a good job in 2020. The general requirements of government work in 2020 are to fully implement the spirits of the 19th session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the second, third and fourth plenary meetings of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China by taking General Secretary Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era as guidance, firmly implement the basic theory, basic line and basic general plan of the Communist Party of China, practically enhance "four consciousnesses", firm "four self-confidences" and achieve "two maintenance", in accordance with the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Seventh Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the Ninth Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, firmly grasp the mission requirements of building an all-round well-off society at a high level, firmly focus on the target location of being a leader in the high-quality development in Jiangsu, adhere to the general tone of steady progress, adhere to the new development concept, resolutely win the three major battles, comprehensively do a good job in the "six stabilities" and maintain the sustainable and healthy economic development and safety and stability of the overall society, thus ensuring successful construction of an all-round well-off society at a high level and the successful completion of the “Thirteenth Five-Year” plan, creating a new situation of high-quality development, opening up a new view of constructing a new Wuxi with strong economy, rich citizens, beautiful environment and high social civilization degree and starting a new journey for the basic realization of modernization.


Du Xiaogang said that the main expected goals for economic and social development in Wuxi in 2020 are: gross regional production growth of 6.5% to 7%, general public budget revenue growth of more than 4.5%, above-scale industrial added value growth of more than 7.5%, above-scale fixed asset investment growth of about 6%, growth of total retail sales of consumer goods of 8% to 8.5%, enhancing quality steadily in export and import trade, actual use of foreign capital of about USD 3.6 billion, proportion of research and development appropriation expenditure in the whole society occupying over 2.95% of gross regional production, rise in the CPI controlled within 3.5%, synchronous growth of per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents and economic growth, registered unemployment rate of cities and towns controlled within 4%, reducing energy consumption of unit gross regional production by about 3% and guaranteeing to finish aims and tasks of binding indexes including energy conservation and emission reduction and water environment quality issued by Jiangsu. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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