"Bilingual party member volunteers" provide precise service for foreigners
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A few days ago, the doctor of the community healthcare center of Beidajie Residential Street came to a foreign couple's home in the area under administration to take their last temperature measurement. Party member volunteers of the organ sent them roses to congratulate them to relieve home medical observation. And the community staff on the site helped them apply for Wuxi Health QR Code.


To ensure that epidemic prevention campaigns are implemented to every household in the area under administration, the staff of the Lihua Community in Beidajie Residential Street conducted site visits and checked household registration information to conduct thorough search on foreign staffs to ensure that no household or person was missed. In response to the special situation of language barrier with foreigners, the community inquired about their physical conditions in a timely manner via telephone and WeChat and accurately conveyed epidemic prevention knowledge to ensure that foreign personnel can do a good job of epidemic prevention and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures. The community also implemented services in detail to enable foreigners feel the real concern from the community. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)


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