Yakult Invests the Second Plant in Wuxi
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A few days ago, Yakult signed an agreement with Xinwu District, Wuxi on investing and building the second plant in Wuxi. Huang Qin, Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, met with the delegation led by Hirano Susumu, Board Director and Executive Officer of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Yakult (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and attended the signing ceremony. Zhu Aixun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.


Mr. Huang Qin congratulated on the successful signing of the new project. He expressed his gratitude to Yakult for its active contributions to the economic and social development of Wuxi over the years, and reviewed the cooperation between the two sides. He said that since the establishment of the Wuxi company, Yakult successfully set up the regional sales center, the second-phase of the first plant and signed an agreement to establish the second plant this time. The sales volume of Yakult China maintains double-digit annual growth with market shares in China and the world both ranking in the first place. The increasing investment and the development benefits also prove the closer bond between Wuxi and Yakult. Especially during the pandemic period, Yakult and Wuxi donated personnel protective equipment to each other, showing the true friendship between the two sides.


"The signing of the second plant is a strong testimony to the promotion of high-quality cooperation and deepened friendship and mutual trust between the two sides." Mr. Huang Qin said that although the pandemic had caught effects on the international economic and trade cooperation, Wuxi's determination to promote a higher level of opening up will not change, neither will the good cooperation trend nor the bright development prospects of both sides. It was his strong hope that the two sides would take this signing as a new start to focus on the promising health industry and strive to produce more high-quality healthy products by relying on China's huge market and Wuxi's high level of scientific research on food. Meanwhile, he also hoped that the two sides could expand the headquarter base, deploy more high-quality resources in Wuxi and carry out strategic cooperation in a wider field to build a model for headquarters and bases of foreign-funded enterprises in Wuxi. Governments at all levels in Wuxi will provide the most convenient government services and build the best business environment to support Yakult's healthy and long-term development in Wuxi. He also said that Wuxi would be willing to provide help to solve the needs of pandemic prevention of Yakult Wuxi company and its headquarter in Japan.


Hirano Susumu spoke highly of the positive results achieved in the pandemic prevention and control in Wuxi. He said that in recent years, Yakult had made considerable progress in Wuxi, which was inseparable from the concern and support of governments at all levels in Wuxi. Practice has proved that it is right to settle in Wuxi. Yakult has attached great importance to the Chinese market and is very optimistic about Wuxi's development prospects. It will develop and produce more healthy drinks which are safe and delicious to better improve human immunity and protect intestinal health. He hoped that the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government could continue to care for and support the development of the enterprise in Wuxi, and jointly promote the completion of the second plant as soon as possible to achieve mutual benefits.


Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. is one of the world's largest manufacturers for live lactic acid bacteria milk drinks, with market share ranking first in both China and the world. Wuxi Yakult Dairy Co., Ltd., which was established in 2013, is mainly engaged in the production of live lactic acid bacteria milk drinks in two flavors: the original taste and the low-sugar taste. Currently, it has set up its base in Wuxi. This time, Yakult invested approximately USD 300 million to build the second plant in Wuxi to meet the increasingly growing domestic market demand. The project is scheduled to start in August, 2020 and will put into production in 2022. After completion, Yakult Wuxi company will become the largest live lactic acid bacteria milk drink production base in the world.


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