2020 Wuxi Labor Competition of Key Projects Launched
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On May 19, the 2020 Wuxi Labor Competition of Key Projects was launched on the train site of Juqu Road of Wuxi Metro Line 4. Chen Derong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Chairman of the Wuxi Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, attended the launching ceremony and presented flags to the party member vanguards and youth commandos in key project construction.


With the theme of “Being Good Masters and Make Contributions in a New Era”, this year's Wuxi Labor Competition of Key Projects will be launched in 12 provincial and municipal key projects such as Nanjing University of Science and Technology Jiangyin Campus, Yixing Yaohu Town, Jiangnan Food Science and Technology Innovation Center, Quantum Perception R&D Center, Inspur Big Data Industrial Park, rail transit project, Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou South Expressway Wuxi Section, Wuxi sewage treatment project and AVIC Radar and Electronic Equipment Research and Development Center.


Mr. Chen Derong required that all units in various regions should enhance the overall situation awareness and take on the mission to widely carry out the labor competition of key projects with the "six comparisons" (namely comparing engineering quality, engineering progress, safety production, technological innovation, civilized construction and scientific management) as the main content and continue to deepen the scientific and technological innovation of employees and the "five small" activities (namely small inventions, small creations, small reforms, small designs and small suggestions), so as to promote the construction projects to produce high-quality results, innovate achievements and elite workforce. Participators must work hard in their positions with a high sense of ownership, recover the loss of the construction period caused by the pandemic and make new contributions to seizing the "double victory" of pandemic prevention and control and economic and social development and taking the lead in high-quality development in Jiangsu Province.


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