Wuxi Cooperates with Bank of Jiangsu to Optimize Government Affairs Services
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A few days ago, the signing ceremony of "Government-Bank Cooperation" of government affairs services & the unveiling ceremony of the "Chengquan e-Station" were held at Bank of Jiangsu Wuxi Branch. Wuxi and Bank of Jiangsu first launched the new model of government affairs service of "G-end (Government) + B-end (Bank) + C-end (Customer)" in Jiangsu Province, thus breaking the bottleneck of serving the public in government affairs service. Lu Liusheng, Director-General of the Jiangsu Provincial Office of Government Affairs, Ji Ming, Governor of Bank of Jiangsu, Du Xiaogang, Mayor of Wuxi, and Zhu Aixun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, attended the event. They also unveiled the plates of the cooperative agent sites of government affairs service and the “Chengquan e-Station” for government affairs service. Zhang Mingkang, Secretary General of the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, presided over the ceremony.


In order to further facilitate the citizens in government affairs service, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval and Bank of Jiangsu Wuxi Branch launched a new model of government affairs service, "G-end (Government) + B-end (Bank) + C-end (Customer)", which incorporated banking offices of Bank of Jiangsu into all government affairs service agents for unified management. In the first batch, four government affairs service agents were launched. The public can handle 65 government affairs service matters at banking offices of Bank of Jiangsu, as well as carrying out evaluations on government affairs services. By doing so, government affairs services can be truly extended to the doorsteps of citizens.


At the same time, Wuxi also opened the “Chengquan e-Station”, a 24-hour self-service counter for government affairs services. The station integrated data resources of various departments and provided 317 high-frequency popular services. It can facilitate citizens in "checking government affairs information at any time, paying utility bill online, handling examination and approval matters immediately and choosing financial services as they wish”.


At present, "Chengquan e-Stations" have covered government affairs service centers in 8 county-level cities and districts in the whole city, service centers for the people in some townships (sub-districts), subway stations and other crowded areas to provide citizens with 24-hour self-help services. Wuxi will also take advantage of the signing to further improve the government-bank cooperation service system, enrich the application scenarios of "Chengquan e-Stations" and provide more convenient government affairs services for enterprises and citizens. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)



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