South Gate Pedestrian Overpass of Wuxi Sports Center Expected to be Completed within 2020
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The practical projects delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic are recovering at the fastest speed. It was learned from the Wuxi Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on May 20 that as of the end of April, 45 practical projects had been launched. Among them, 30 of the 37 ones required to be completed by the end of 2020 have been started or implemented.


The sudden outbreak of the pandemic has led to the late starting of some practical projects for the masses this year. However, due to active response and race against the time by all responsible parties and in-place services of relevant policies and departments, all projects have proceeded in an orderly manner. After the resumption of the "Large-scale Pedestrian Overpass at the South Gate of the Wuxi Sports Center on Taihu West Avenue" project, which was widely followed by the public, all departments immediately organized manpower and material resources in the first time and repeatedly deliberated working procedure and time limit for the project to speed up construction by following the target tasks. At present, the south gate of the Wuxi Sports Center has completed temporary facility construction on site and the construction of two pile foundations. 70% of the production of steel box beams has been completed. It is expected to be completed and put into service within 2020.


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